Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited
“The agent you trust, your perfect partner in relocation”
Licence No.C-019470
“服務慇勤傲視同群” 牌照號碼 C-019470

Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has been established since early 1982. Evergreen is one of the fastest growing real estate agents and relocation management companies throughout this emerging region and provides the most comprehensive range of flexible services. Our success built on service and YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR JOB #1.


Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has a unique approach to its work. We have taken a long hard look at the business we are in and have identified that we are in business of solving problems related to our client’s property needs. We also have identified that these needs vary from each individual client and that are no standard solutions.

Providing  high quality, comprehensive range of services from a single point of contact is essential to meeting the requirements of our clients – from individuals to multinationals. The formation of the Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has reinforced the strength of our service, providing even greater scope and expertise. We are committed to providing strategies and solutions designed to anticipate and response to the ever-increasing needs of our clients – whether they are local, regional or international in nature. Working together, we Evergreen create effective property solutions, and we can implement professional service plans quickly and efficiently through a single point of contact.

Single point of contact

  • Tel : 28657323 (10 lines)
  • E-mail: evergreenhksar@gmail.com
  • E-mail : info@evergreenhksar.com
  • URL : http://www.evergreenhksar.com


Working within the guidelines of the company’s relocation policy, we assist the family to view the homes that best suits their requirements. We assign the best professional, reputable and licensed real estate agents for the assignment.


Throughout the assignment we can provide a comprehensive range of services:

  • Lease negotiation;
  • Home inspection and inventory to establish move-in condition;
  • Cleaning services;
  • Pet control services;
  • Connection of all public utilities (telephone, gas, water, electricity etc.);
  • Furniture rental from short term to long term;
  • Car rental;
  • Insurance – comprehensive Home Insurance;


From pre-move support at origin, organizing a preview trip and settling-in programs to ongoing support throughout the foreign assignment, our orientation trip and programs provide in depth socio-cultural insight to the way of their local hosts.

  • School selection;
  • Medical facilities and health matters;
  • Banking procedures and currency;
  • Transportation, public & private;
  • Recreation-Clubs-Entertainment;
  • Communication;
  • Law & security;
  • Marketing and shopping;
  • Places of worship;
  • Domestic staffing;
  • Special needs.


The children’s education   is a major concern when moving. We assist with identifying the right school by providing current information on types of curriculum available, school location and fees. Evergreen can also assist with finding playgroups, preschools, and kindergartens and high schools.


There's a refreshing difference in the way Evergreen people conduct business. Information is presented in a clear and concise fashion and recommendation are unbiased. You get bright, friendly personal service. You will enjoy doing business with Evergreen and have the comfort of knowing that our success results only from your satisfaction.


Evergreen people virtually  "put themselves in your shoes" to fully understand what kind of sales or leasing opportunity will really bring satisfaction, from the smallest private flat to the  largest commercial complex.


It's Evergreen’s principle to serve customers honestly and fairly. It's a reputation that's been built on confidence from you, the customer. We put buyers and sellers, landlord and tenant  together with positive results. If you're in the market to buy or sell or lease, we'll find your counterpart.


"Slow" is not Evergreen's style !  We like action, we pride ourselves the speed we work at. You will appreciate the way we get people together and how quickly we achieve agreements. Evergreen’s capability to conclude positive transactions rapidly has in turn made us one of the fastest growing property consultants in Hong Kong.


Follow up service  is a "MUST" provided by Evergreen and it is one of the best service ever provided in Hong Kong


  • Single point contact;
  • Shorter transition time, saving cost;
  • Pre-move contact and support enhance willingness to move overseas;
  • Proper information leads to realistic expectation and prevents disappointment and misunderstanding;
  • Family stress is reduced throughout the assignment by having one contact for answers to questions such as where to go in an emergency, to purchase particular items or to find recreation;
  • Quicker settling-in of the whole family allows the employee to become productive immediately.


The corporate culture of Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited is one where all employees have a caring attitude, towards  customers and each other .  In order for our employees to offer customers the very best care, we provide our staff with only the best quality training courses and ensure they are able to assist you in all aspects.